Poll Shows Americans Support Terror Free Tomorrow's Mission

A Terror Free Tomorrow/Ipsos poll shows that Americans nearly unanimously believe that undermining the support base of global terrorists should be a priority.  In fact, 81% said it was very important.  These findings were consistent across party, age and region of the country.
According to the poll, more than three quarters of Americans (76%) believe that Al Qaeda's support base enables global terrorist organizations to continue their attacks against the United States.  When informed how the support base empowers Al Qaeda and its allies, Americans are almost unanimous (94%) in believing that the suppport base for global terrorists must be destroyed.
"These results show that Americans recognize that undermining the support base is central to combating the threat of terrorist attacks against the U.S.," according to Dr. Janice Bell, of Ipsos-Public Affairs, which conducted the survey employing the same methodology it uses for its Associated Press polls.  "A full 81% say it is very important--a view shared by people across generations, political views, and in all regions of the country."
For a PDF of the full results of the Terror Free Tomorrow-Ipsos Poll, click here.
For a power point presentation of the results, click here.
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